Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Finally some of the NYC buys.
The girls bought me a voucher to spend in Saipua, Red hook in Brooklyn .Check their site out if you have a chance. The flowers are exactly the style I love, 'Blousey' as Sophie Dahl described her own taste in flowers on her BBC2 Cookery programme last night. Wild and exotic, and arranged to look effortless.
The design of the shop is stunning. All wood panelling, with inbuilt boxes to house their wonderful handmade soap and vintage finds. All very eceltic - I picked up another Eiffle tower to add to my collection, I suppose it's strange to purchase a Parisian souvenir in Brooklyn, but hey if you're a collector to doesn't matter when, where, why as long as it speaks to you, and it did.
The soaps are just divine - to look and smell that is. I don't think I'll ever use them as they look too pretty in a glass jar in my bathroom. A souvenir themselves. The little miniature owl a Saipua find too - pictured with another Eiffle tower
Red hook is an interesting area. I first visited a few years ago with Ian. We made a special trip to a wonderful jewellery gallery Erie Basin.
They also have a wonderful cake shop Baked, which we walked past as we were tight for time, but were able to recollect severals months later when their book came out.
We visited this time, sadly not indulging in cake as we were due to go for afternoon tea at Bergdorfs.
Funnily enough we postponed that plan until the following day, although I am really glad we fitted it in as the Restaurant was stunning. The store itself was good, but not my fav (considering all the raves), although I did pick up a Theory dress in the sale. It looks better on than on the hanger. It gave me the inclination to 'borrow' a pearl necklace I made for my sister. She's not impressed!

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  1. That's funny I was just thinking about that necklace, I want to borrow it ! Okay, new york, that dress, I have no recollection that it looked like that, why didn't I buy it, I love it !