Thursday, 21 June 2012


I've been meaning to write about this for so long, I got prompted yesterday when lovely jeweller Zoe Duthie posted an image of my shoe brooch on Twitter.

I first made the shoe brooch a very long time ago. Everyone I ever made always sold - I now make them to order.

Last year I was at my sisters when I spied this brooch. I did a double take - it looked so familiar - but not!
Where did you get that? Sis said 'Topshop'. WHAT!!!!

The size of the Topshop brooch is much bigger. It is made from mirrored perspex and has the image printed on. The ribbon is horrible synthetic cheap and nasty.

The shoe brooch I made used an original image of a shoe taken from a really obscure piece of ephemera I collected - not saying exactly what in case I do ever pursue this. It is set in silver and has a much more precious feel to it.

Its the fact the Topshop actually copied the print of the shoe - probably from my website that is so appalling.

This seems to happen just so much, and without designers even knowing at times. It will be interesting to find out the outcome of Tatty Devine necklace - that was blatantly copied by Claires accessories.

It's funny because a few years ago Topshop were selling bright blue butterfly necklaces - my sister pointed this out to me as did a few others that they were very close to what I was doing. I didn't see it as copying. I thought it was just coincidence - butterflies are in nature - can you really accuse someone of copying when using them. Prehaps I was being too naive!


  1. An obvious copy, the lines are identical! Your original is much nicer though. Good luck if you decide to follow this up. This sort of thing happens far too much.

  2. Thanks Fiona. To be honest wouldn't know where to start as regards persuing it, especially as it was a while back that it was on sale.

  3. Oh my GOD. That's disgusting, shame on them.

    Yours is absolutely gorgeous, the colours, the textures. Theirs is so cheap looking, which probably adds accident to injury really. It's like they're dragging your design through the mud :((

    Fight it!! Get the internet on your side and it will soon reach the attention of Topshop!


  4. Do follow it up. Companies like Topshop must be made aware. They might not even know the supplier is plagerising designers work. Perhaps could help. Good luck.

  5. Oh, I am so sorry to see this! Do follow it up - they really cannot be allowed to get away with this behaviour - maybe TattyDevine can give you some pointers as they have been through this so many times!

  6. Yes, I think this is something you should perhaps follow up... I'm only sorry i'm just seeing this now! We have an excellent IP lawyer who specialises in fashion/design. If you ever want her details, just ask...

    So sorry this happened!
    Abigail @ abigail*ryan (nee Percy)