Sunday, 30 May 2010

Had the girls round on Friday evening.
I wasn't on best form as I've had a bit of a bug but it was lovely to catch up.
There were a few cupcakes left - not for long though!
Nadia brought around the most beautiful bunch of Lilac from her garden.
We have lilac tree in our front garden which I've been cutting little posies from since it started flowering - love the intense purple colour of these ones though.
The smell of lilac is just beautiful, and when the air is warm, walking past a lilac tree is just heaven.

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  1. I was introduced to your work recently by a friend and just wanted to tell you how beautiful I think it is - I think I'd like it all so am off to start saving the pennies!
    I am admin for a group on facebook as well as have a blog where I have recently posted about your work. do come over and check us out.